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(also serves as a ad-hoc timeline)

2017.10.27. Huge update with our child site, ICSArchive.org, in the American Correspondence School section. Twenty four new files, representing 44 courses.
    asc bacteriology and sanitation 1909.pdf
    asc cost analysis engineering 1-2 1916.pdf
    asc dams and weirs 1-2 1916.pdf
    asc earthwork 1-2 1916.pdf
    asc engineering specifications and contracts 2 1914.pdf
    asc freehand drawing 1907.pdf
    asc highway construction 2 1916.pdf
    asc hydrolics 1906.pdf
    asc masonry and reinforced concrete 1-5 1914.pdf
    asc mechanical drawing 1-2 1916.pdf
    asc plane surveying 1-3 1913.pdf
    asc plotting and topography 1907.pdf
    asc plumbing 1-3 1909.pdf
    asc practical mathematics 2 1912.pdf
    asc practical mathematics 3 1912.pdf
    asc practical problems in construction 1908.pdf
    asc river and harbor improvement 1916.pdf
    asc sewers and drains 1-2 1907.pdf
    asc statics 1907.pdf
    asc strength of materials 1-2 1912.pdf
    asc structural drafting 1-2 1912.pdf
    asc trignometry and logarithms 2 1914.pdf
    asc water power development 1908.pdf
    asc water supply 1-2-3a 1916.pdf

2017.09.20. CountrySide and Mother Earth News ATOCIs updated.

2017.08.10. Presently working on atocis, major man hours being expended.

2017.08.10. USB#13, Wilderness Way, Self Reliance Illunstrated, and Good Earth Almanac iLL completed.

2017.08.10. USB#12, COMP#6 completed.

2017.07.30. Added to Site:
  A Brief Treatise on Various Ailments. 1882
  Histology of Medicinal Plants. 1916.
  You and the Law. 1971

2017.07.30. The ICSArchive side of the house has reported more additions.

2017.06.26. Added to site.
    aetom1845 An Elementary Treatise on Midwifery 1845
    ahotaob1894 A History of the Art of Bookbinding, 1894
    anob1904 A Note on Bookbinding, 1904
    apibp1945 A Primer in Book Production, 1945
    copapm1920 Chemistry of Pulp and Paper Making, 1920
    hos History of Science, 1910, all eleven volumes. (ATOCI incomplete)
    lb1916 Library Bookbinding, 1916
    maw1943 Maintenance Arc Welding, 1943
    mi1833 Midwifery Illustrated, 1833
    tgsacc1941 The Girl Scouts at Camp Comalong, 1921
    tgsasc1920 The Girl Scouts at Sea Crest, 1920
    tgsct1939 The Girl Scouts' Canoe Trip, 1939
    tgsgt1922 The Girl Scouts' Good Turn, 1922
    tgs0trt1921 The Girl Scouts of the Round Table, 1921
    tgsr1922 The Girl Scouts' Rivals, 1922
    tir1949 This I Remember, 1949
    tsb1981 The Scythe Book, 1981
    tsgttpom1884 The Students Guide to the Practice of Midwifery, 1884
    twmfb1917 The Woodcraft Manual For Boys, 1917
    twmfg1916 The Woodcraft Manual for Girls, 1916
    tpe The Practical Educator, 1932, all 54 volumes. (ATOCI incomplete)

2017.06.07. The Practical Educator, 1938. Reg and Stacks versions complete. Atoci being built.

2017.06.04. The History of Science, 1910. Reg and Stacks versions complete. Atoci being built.

2017.06.02. Countryside Atoci updated.

2017.05.13. Mother Earth News ATOCI updated.

2017.05.02. CS iLL ATOCI updated.

2017.04.23. History of Science scan work complete.

2017.04.22. PayPal links for amd1942, apith1945, chamfgs1920, chdiye1978 0000-0776, chdiye1978 0777-1546, chdiye1978 1547-2316, chdiye1978 2317-3247, cood1946, gsitr1921, gspbr1934, lcmhgsa1940, pslc-1941, pslem-1941, pslg-1939, pslm-1941, pslp-1941, pslsu-1941, sfg1922, tabhoc-1920, tatwtgs1930, tecb1946, tlr-1717, vbothcfg1914, wmpotus1906, wyh1930 completed and tested.

2017.04.19. Two major projects now underway; The History of Science (1910) eleven volume encyclopedia and The Practial Educator, (1904) 54 volume encyclopedia. The HOS nears digitization completion, but the construction of the ATOCI will take months of man hours. These two encyclopedias are quite heavily used in the brick-and-mortar Librum, and we hope they will see good service outside.

2017.04.01. The Wilderness Way / Self Reliance Illustrated / Good Earth Almanac combined iLL completed, and information page online. Thumb drive version now available on eBay.

2017.03.29. The Wilderness Way magazine iLL completed. Permission to sell received. Building a disk with the Wilderness Way, Good Earth archive, and Self Reliance Illustrated archive.

2017.03.28. TMEN Master Index update through #281

2017.03.23. Added:
   SFG1922 Scouting for Girls' 1922.
   TECB1946 The Established Camp Book, GSA, 1946.
   The CHDIYE1978 series. Complete Handymans Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia. 3000+ pages. This multivolume set is not broken out by volume but by pages. This cuts the file count down to four files, not twenty-one. It will most likely also be available on eBay®.

2017.03.21. The Wilderness Way magazine iLL just got a big shot in the arm. The *LAST* two issues, missing from our collection were just 'won'. We look forward to their arrival, and putting this project to 'bed'.

2017.03.21. Site renewed for two years.

2017.03.14. Added:    A Physician in the House, 1945
      Very badly damaged original, but still a popular 'throne reader'.
   Local Council Members Handbook, Girl Scouts of America, 1940
      Work continues with the 'Girl Scout / Camp Fire Girls Archives', where we are digitizing our holdings by request. We really had no idea of what we had, and are really enjoying the positive feedback.

2017.03.10. A Physician in the House, APITH1945, is underway. This volume, is much damaged, and a challenge for the students.

2017.03.07. Removal of content on FaceBook® underway.

Recently, we have had some issues with FaceBook® and have decided to 'curtail'.

First, there has been large denial-of-service attacks on FaceBook®. Reliability is key.
Second, the newer Terms-of-Service has removed many of the protections we count on to protect peoples privacy, particularly that of our Patrons.
Third, a false claim of copyright violation, made by a third party, but championed by FaceBook®, has left a 'sour taste' over their lack of accountability, due to their TOS. FaceBook® violated the law and walked.
    As we would prefer to 'not fight but switch', the materials from the FaceBook page have been carried over to this, the old blog.

2017.02.22. Added to site, the Popular Science Library. This never finished series is an excellent light reading education for young adults and up.
   pslc-1941, Popular Science Library -Chemistry 1941
   pslem-1941, Popular Science Library - Electricity And Magnetism 1941
   pslg-1939, Popular Science Library - Geology 1941
   pslm-1941, Popular Science Library - Mechanics 1941
   pslp-1941, Popular Science Library - Physics, 1941
   pslsu-1941, Popular Science Library - Starry Universe 1941
2017.02.07. The Countryside and Small Stock Journal iLL project, Patron (distro) edition is updated and on site and eBay.
2017.01.29. We have been quite busy with the Countryside and Small Stock Journal iLL project. The archive has been updated back to the FIRST combined issue (September 1972). The archive is now in distribution. Thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work. A special bow goes to our friends at the ICS Archive (icsarchive.org) for putting on pause several of their projects to join into the final 'push'.
2016.12.23. Added to site:
   TBSHB The Boy Scout Hike Book. 1920
   TWGITC The Woodcraft Girls In The City. 1918
   UWPOTUS Useful Wild Plants Of The United States. 1920
   WFW1916 Woodcraft For Women. 1916
2016.12.20. Added to site:
   LH1901 Leatherworking (Hasluck), 1901
   MOTWI1903 Manual Of The Woodcraft Indians. 1903
   SPFHM Shop Practice For Home Mechanics. 1920
   TABEBB The American Boys Engineering Book. Bond. 1918
   TABHOC The American Boys' Handybook Of Camp. 1920
2016.12.07. Added to site:
   CIRG Carpentry, Ira S. Griffith, 1916
   DDH Decorative Designs (Hasluck) 1899
   GACCH1907 Greenhouse and Conservatory Construction (Hasluck) 1907
   HFGOTCFG Handbook For Guardians Of The Camp Fire Girls. 1935
   HFSMBSA1914 Handbook for Scout Masters, 1914
   ICRAH1898 Incubators and Chicken Rearing Appliances (Hasluck) 1898
2016.12.06. Added to site:   BOCAW Book Of Camping And Woodcraft. 1912, Kephart
   CATW1911 Camp and Trail, White, 1911
   CBC1913 Cassel's Building Construction (Hasluck). 1913
   CC1915 Camp Craft. 1915
2016.12.06. USB Compilation #3. 8GB thumb. 6.6GB finalized with addition of master ATOCI to search entire archive.
   USB Compilation #2. 8GB thumb: 5.9GB. finalized with addition of master ATOCI to search entire archive.
   USB Compilation #1a. 8GB thumb: 6.9GB finalized with the addition of a master ATOCI to search the entire archive.
2016.12.03. The Standard Cyclopedia Of Horticulture, Vol 1, 2, 3 (1914) is now complete and up. This three volume set is considered the 'bible' by many in the field. Enjoy!
2016.12.03. All DVDs are now on USB drives. While we will continue to offer 'custom' disks, we will no longer be producing 'grab-bag's. When these are gone, they are gone.
2016.09.30. Announcing the release of USB #06, on 8b thumb, a combination of the older Compilation DVDs #3 & #4. See the Disk Store for details.
2016.09.26. Announcing the release of USB #05, on 8b thumb, a combination of the older Compilation DVDs #1 & #2. See the Disk Store for details.
2016.09.15. It's back, by popular demand, the ATOCI for The Encyclopedia of Country Living, by Carly, 1994 edition. We have permission to use this edition for ebook use, with Carla. There are later editions.
2016.09.13. Coffin Making and Undertaking, Hasluck, 1913
2016.09.08. Two more ATOCIs completed. M5000 MacKenzie's 5,000 Receipts. 1864 and PMPW Practical Metal Plate Work (Hasluck), 1907.
2016.09.07. Added to site: The Mechanic's Workshop Handybook, Hasluck, 1893
2016.09.06. Added to site: ADIYE, Audels Do It Yourself Encyclopedia, 1960. This is a favorite of your Librarian. The squeaky clean models, true line drawing, etc. A fifties time warp.
2016.09.03. After much delay, The Standard Formulary's ATOCI is on site.
2016.08.21. Update on the Countryside iLL project. The results are disappointing. Seriously, if you want your library to have access to the largest archive of Countryside, ask you library's acquisitions to contact us via the home page, or here. The master index is free for grabbing on the home page.
2016.08.21. Site update: Sales of the old 'grab bag' dvds are cleaning them out quickly. We already have had some 'grumbles'. Sorry!
2016.08.21 The Standard Encyclopedia of Horticulture work has reached a major milestone. The restoration work is complete. The ATOCI construction is now underway.
2016.08.21. The next project, underway, is The Medical Students Manual of Chemistry, 1893. This one is in great demand due to it's expansive index of archaic chemical terms. One requester states that it 'beats the PMJB, Henleys, and Lindsays combined, hands down!'.
2016.07.03. The iLL archive of the Countryside and Small Stock Journal is available on eBay...
   New project, and it is a huge one, restoration of The Standard Encyclopedia of Horticulture, is underway. This one is sponsored, and will command our primary assets for a while.
2016.05.17. Alert from the ICS Archive site:
   The long awaited question and answer keys to the old Rail Road References have been salvaged and are now on site in the Training Papers section of icsarchive.org.
2016.05.17. Added to site: Pattern Makers Handy Book (Hasluck) 1887
   Textile Fabrics And Their Preparation For Dyeing (Hasluck) 1906
   Upholstry (Hasluck) 1904
2016.04.30. A request for a master Hasluck archive on USB disk is being considered.
2016.04.11. Added to site:    How to Write Signs, Tickets, and Posters (Hasluck) 1911.
   Pumps and Hydraulic Rams (Hasluck) 1907.
   Practical Staircase Joinery (Hasluck) 1903.
   The Handyman's Book (Hasluck) 1903.
   Telescope Making (Hasluck) 1905.
2016.03.04. Major upgrade in the Hasluck project. Added to site.:
   Electronic Bells, Hasluck, 1909
   Practical Brickwork, Hasluck, 1905
   Practical Gas Fitting, Hasluck, 1903
   Pianos, Hasluck, 1908.
2016.01.29. The Countryside and Small Stock Journal ATOCI is taking a lot of time. An update should be uploaded today. Google 'attacked' the site over the night, and created a lot of false '404' alarms on the ILL section, to include the two hidden unlinked directories. We are trying to figure that one out.
2016.01.20. CMFDTH: Colouring Matters for Dyeing Textiles, Hasluck, 1906
   TCGSG: The Complete Guide to Soilless Gardening. 1940.
2016.01.20. Another update from the ICS side of the house. Due to the new 'home freeze drying' machines appearing on the market, and their freezing limitations, a request for prioritization change of ICS TP 5139 (1952) Quick Freezing of Foods was received. The Archivist did so, and it is now up. This training paper details the types of freezing, temperatures, etc for various types of foods. Sharp vs Quick vs Slow, etc.
2016.01.17. Update from the ICS side of the house. Added to site: ICS Stationary Diesel Engines. 1950.
   ASC Forging I and II.
   Also, by request, a prioritization change. The ICS Quick Freezing of Foods, 1952. Several requests for this one in light of new freeze drying equipment now on the market. Slow versus Shock versus Quick processes are defined therein. No eta, but certainly by the end of the month.
2016.01.14. The I-ILL standards archive of the CountrySide and Small Stock Journal project has hit a milestone. The collection is now complete from present back to 1985. The index work is now progressing. The progress 'sheet' is view-able off the main site home page.
2016.01.11. The 'Research Desk', 's by-the-page server has now been officially retired due to lack of use.
2015.12.30. We do hear the requests of our patrons. We sympathize with them in that they can not use disks for their devices, such as tablets
   The first usb archive is nearing completion. And will be on a dual connector 16gb thumb drive, standard and micro usb connections. These thumb drives are also called OTG.
   The first 'crossover' is the three dvd Popular Mechanics Shop Notes series set. All editions, with master ATOCI.
2015.12.30. Our 'daughter' site, icsarchive.org just added three ASC items.
   Management of dynamo-electric machinery, 1906
   Pumps, 1910
   Power Stations. 1906
2015.11.28. Added to Site:    Boy Scouts Handbook, 1910
   Country Wisdom, 1982
   Good Earth Almanac, Volumes 1 through 5
2015.11.17. Testing continues with the new 'stacks' exe style ebooks. The site has been converted to the new version. The change was prompted when it was discovered that the new updated software would run under the Wine (for Linux), emulator. Reports that it also works under some emulators for Mac OS are untested. 2015.10.15. 2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the sale of Thomas Jefferson's library, which became the foundation of the vast Library of Congress we know today.
2015.09.29. Compilation disk #9 goes final: Will be appearing on eBay.
2015.09.15. Added to site:
   SKAMSC Shop Kinks and Machine Shop Talk, 1896
   APPEG Audel's Power Plant Engineers Guide, 1945
2015.09.10. A long overdue update: The Mother Earth News Index has been updated to issue #270, June/July 2015. Enjoy...
2015.08.03. The latest project has hit a snag. We have been robbed! We are now looking to replace the following magazines, to finish digital archiving. We will digitize and return, or purchase with fair value and fair shipping.
   Countryside and Small Stock Journal., v62#5 May 1978, v58#10 Nov/Dec 1974, V57#1 Jan 1973, v57#6 July 1973, v57#7 August 1973, v57#8 September 1973
   Wilderness Way, v11 #1 and #4 2005, v12 all 4, 2006., v13 all 4, 2007, v14 #1, #2, and #4, 2008, V15 all 4, 2009
2015.06.27. Our 'child' site has reported new additions:
   0833-1906 properties of gases.pdf
   0834-1906 mine gases.pdf
   0835a-1921 mine surveying.pdf.
2015.04.28. Added to site: Work Shop Receipts Set, all five, 1883-1892
2015.04.28. Added to site: The Book of the Farm Set, all six partitions, 1937
2015.04.28. Added to site: Audel's Answers on Refrigeration, 1937
2015.03.15. Librum Disk #38, aka Compilation #9 is started.
2015.03.15. Librum Disk #32, aka Compilation #8, is now 'frozen', no more works will be added, but some ATOCI work remains to be done.
2015.03.15. Added to Site:
   Single Entry Book Keeping for Builders (Hasluck), 1904
   The Smith's Pocket Companion, 1893
2015.03.15. Added to site: The Audel's Plumbers and Steam Fitters Guides, 1941, all four volumes, with combined ATOCI.
2015.03.06. The ICS Archive, our 'child' just reported in with more additions to their site. We love our 'little' (bigger than us now!) baby... http://www.icsarchive.org
   asc railroad engineering 1 1905.pdf
   asc railroad engineering 2 1905.pdf
   TP 1056b-1899 common brickwork.pdf
   TP 1094-1899 design of columns.pdf
   TP 1057-1898 ornamental brickwork and terra cotta.pdf
   TP 2531a-1933 machine design.pdf
   TP 2531b-1939 machine design.pdf
   TP 2531c-1939 machine design.pdf
   TP 2531d-1939 machine design.pdf
   TP 2531e-1933 machine design.pdf
   TP 2531f-1933 machine design.pdf 2015.03.05. Paypal linkage checks complete.
   Updated: Saddlery, Paul N Hasluck. 1904
2015.03.01. The conversion and upload of the V13 'check-out' editions are now complete. These new editions have *NO* time limitation. But on the down side, they will not work on most tablets and ebook readers, as they are exe files. The 'pure' pdf versions, the 'FS' (for sale)(at a very cheap $5 each), which will run on almost any/all tablets/readers are finished.
2015.02.15. Again, 'check-out' software issues are plaguing us. A new 'V13' software package is under test. Difference between V12 and V13 is that there is NO checkout period (unlimited) with V13. V13 is an 'exe wrapped pdf'. There are some issues with V13, which we are working on now. While not integrated into the Reference Desk, the V13 are going online as they become converted.
2015.01.31. Update from the ICS Archive side of the house. The TP series, 2464A, B, C, and D, Blower Systems of Heating added.
2015.01.21. Discussion underway to remove the Research Desk. That is the page-by-page server. A simple matter of too much resource needed to support too little use. Feedback welcomed via the guest book on site.
2015.01.21. Added to site:
   THBWWH-1905: The Handy Book of Wood Working (Hasluck) 1905
   GWEFW-1911: Glass Writing, Embossing, and Fascia Work (Hasluck) 1911
2015.01.14. Update from the icsarchive.org side of the house.
   1261a-1914 automobile tires.pdf
   1261b-1914 automobile tires.pdf
   1315-1939 principles of animal feeding.pdf
   1316-1930 principles of animal breeding.pdf
   1317-1936 swine houses and equipment.pdf
   1327a-1934 horse management.pdf
   1327b-1936 horse management.pdf
   1337-1934 preliminary discussion of animal diseases.pdf
   1310-1935 swine breeding.pdf
   1319-1931 swine feeding and judging.pdf
   1341-1915 diseases of swine.pdf
   1340-1937 diseases of sheep.pdf
   1334d-1938 beef and dual purpose cattle.pdf
   1334c-1937 beef and dual purpose cattle.pdf
   1321-1930 types and breeds of sheep.pdf
   1322-1937 sheep judging and breeding.pdf
   1323b-1936 sheep management.pdf
   1324-1936 horse barns and paddocks.pdf
   1325a-1936 types breeds and market classes of horses.pdf
   1325b-1938 types breeds and market classes of horses.pdf
   1326-1936 horse judging.pdf
   1328-1937 ponies asses and mules.pdf
2014.12.18. Updated:
   PHH-1914, Practical Horse Husbandry.
   PHWH-1912 Paper Hangers Work (Hasluck).
   RHGUPC-1994 Raising Healthy Goats Under Primitive Conditions.
   RVS-1921 Rural Veterinary Secrets.
   SB-1922 Storage Batteries.
   SMCB-1919 Stevenson Memorial Cook Book.
   TPM-1903 The Progressive Machineist.
2014.12.06. Updated:
   Advanced Projects In Woodworking, Ira S. Griffith, 1912.
   Historical Carvings in Leather, 1940.
   Model Engineers HandyBook, (Hasluck) 1918.
   Modern Soaps Candles and Glycerin, 1920.
Added to site:
   Wood Carving (Hasluck) 1908.
   Paperhangers Work (Hasluck).
2014.11.20. The Popular Mechanics Shop Notes series is complete. All editions. Available on eBay on 3 DVDs, on site individually, and all ATOCI complete.
2014.11.02 Added to Site:
   EMH [DVD32] Engraving Metals (Hasluck) 1912
   HYPNOTISM [DVD32] Hypnotism 1910
   IWFPS [DVD32] Industrial Work for Public Schools 1920
   PAIF-1962 [DVD32] Practical and Industrial Formulary 1962
   WAD-1817 [DVD32] The Domestic Manufacturers Assistant, and Family Directory, in the Arts of Weaving and Dyeing, 1817
2014.10.26. DVD #35, Popular Mechanics Shop Notes annual Disk #1, 1905-1923, is now complete. As always, sixty day checkout copies are available online. ATOCI search engine update for this completed.
2014.09.24. Just received notice that the v12 conversion of all grab bag disks is complete and available in the disk store. Just in time for xmas. No word yet if there will be another 'Stocking Stuffer' special this year...
2014.07.02. The ICS Paperback Shelf Cookbook Archive is doing well, but the ATOCI work has been shelved due to apparent lack of interest and the huge resource drain it would be. Hathi has approached us to buy our archive. No.
2014.07.01. There is a new project underway that several sharp eyed Patrons have commented on. Yes, the Popular Science Shop Notes archive is being built, and put online. The archive, at present, stands as 1905-1959 with the exceptions of 1910, 11, 29, 46, 51, 53, 54, 55, and 56. A disk for 1905-1935 is also in the works. Budget may hold some of the exceptions away for a while. But we had a good laugh with both Hathi and Google asked for permission to host. Once again, we have created a better archive then they.
2014.01.02. Busy, Busy, Busy. We have been assisting the ICS Archive (icsarchive.org) in the paperback shelf. A *LOT* of confirmed international public domain cookbooks. If you like old cookbooks, it seems to be an even larger archive than Google. Please, if you can, help these kind folks by building ATOCIs. Details at the web site.
2013.06.01. Thanks to the kind permission of the Author, at the requests of our Bomb Squad patrons, the Poor Mans James Bond (volumes 1-5) and Survivor (volumes 1-10) have been added to the Research Desk. We have no plans or permissions to index or to make available as restorations.
   Another ATOCI, also for our Bomb Squad patrons, the Lenz guide is now available.
2013.05.03. Whew!
   By request for priority change, the Modern Shop Practice eight volume set has been completely updated to the V12 standard.
   To repeat, the V12 standard consists of 1) a free sixty day 'checkout' edition. 2) a $5/volume full unlimited downloadable pdf edition, 3) ATOCI is placed on the site card catalog, 4) work is added to the Reference Desk where patrons can get the works 'by the page', and 5) full version added to the appropriate purchasable disk.
   The next series is all the Foxfire works. We are not quite finished with this upgrade.
2013.05.02. As many of our patrons know, we have been busy converting to what we call the 'v12' standard. This is an ebook standard. The new standard is a pdf file in a 'exe' wrapper.
   As before, there is a free sixty day 'checkout' edition on each work. This is the exe wrapped file. This file requires Windows XP or above, and a pdf reader.
   But the registered edition, it is a 'true' unlimited PDF.
   Look for the key of 'v12' on the Reference desk, to see which have been converted. We have a long way to go with the conversions, but we will get there.
2013.03.30. Added to site:
   Bamboo Work (Hasluck). 1901.
   Builders Hoisting Machinery (Hasluck). 1904.
   Bent Iron Work (Hasluck). 1920.
   Cabinetwork and Joinery (HASLUCK). 1900.
   Cloudburst Volume 1, 1973.
   Cloudburst Volume 2, 1976.
   Cycle Building and Repairing (Hasluck). 1900.
   Electroplating (Hasluck). 1905.
   Sanitary Construction in Building (Hasluck). 1921.
   The Book Of Photography (Hasluck). 1907.
   And over **60** additions to ICSArchive!
2013.03.06. A quickie reminder: The Librarian's Blog, on .us website, is the 'official' reminder and upgrades posting location. Connectivity issues prevent this FaceBook from serving as such. Also don't miss the new guestbook!
2013.03.06. Since the last posting here, seven works have been added to .us site, and over twenty to the icsarchive.org site.
2013.02.11. Added to site:
   Lessons in Modern Farming. 1851
   Audel's Ship Fitters Handy Book. 1940.
2013.02.22. More updates in the search engine.
   Two more FoxFire works in process:
   The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery;
   The Foxfire Book of Toys and Games.
2012.12.28. The 'Research Desk', our by the page sub-server has been updated again. Now ALL the individual file names have been updated for ease of use.
2012.12.28. The American Medical Botany work project has also been redone.
2012.12.04. The annual 'stocking stuffer' promotion is ongoing. Drop us a comment from the main site for more information on the packages and what is available. 'Stocking Stuffer' packs are out-of-print or extras, containing all of the site content, organized in packs. A master site backup, sans some server-specific code, is also available at $200us. What a deal!
2012.08.26. The Research and Reference Desks are fully integrated.
   The 'Paperback Shelf' has been moved to ICSARCHIVE.ORG.
2012.05.30. The research desk has been integrated into the standard site.
2012.05.10. The new Research Desk software development is now complete. It has been being developed over on our test site: http://www.librumtest.us. We have a bobble moving the site between the different web spaces with domain name transfer. Until this issue is resolved, please, play in the test site.
2012.04.26. We have been very busy, with the spin-off of ICSArchive.org, our new 'child'. The International Correspondence School existed for over a hundred years, offering courses in just about any subject. This site is the largest archive and all is in pdf.
2012.03.01. New on site: American Medical Botany.
2012.03.01.·New on Site: Foxfire: Christmas
2012.03.01. New on site: Foxfire: Aunt Arie
2012.02.24. The Mother Earth News magazine master index has been dusted off, updated, and available for search and review on the main site page.
2012.02.24. Busy on the ICS references restoration. The DVD#16; ICS Ref I, revision is complete and the smaller files now on site. The DVD#18, ICS Ref II, revision is underway.
2012.01.02. We finished all the ICS scanning, and conversion to PDF. And were handed six more 'new' references to attempt to restore. Thank You!. That will keep the busy! Again, YES, we accept any donations of ICS and ASC material not already restored!
2012.01.02. The Reference Desk, the page that broke the article editor due to size, has been updated!
2012.01.02. Added to site:
   [Bamboo] Bamboo Work (Hasluck) 1901.
   [CJHBH] Clock Jobbers Handy Book (Hasluck), 1889.
   [FCCBCB] Franklin County Charity Benefit Cook Book. 1914.
   [FD] Farmers Dictionary, 1846.
   [TMAH] Toy Making at Home. 1915.
2011.12.30. There are a few Grabbag #1 and Grabbag #2 packs left. The links have been taken down as the holiday is over, but I am sneaking the links back up for anyone interested. Enjoy!
2011.11.13. We broke the Joomla 1.7 article editor, with too big an article, the Research Desk link page. Which means we have a site re-design underway to work around the problem. In the meantime, the site remains open for business, with changes being phased in.
2011.11.05. Disk #24, ICS Training Papers #6 is finished. The 'Stocking Stuffer' disk grab bags order pages are up. A Great Deal. The last of the ICS material we have has been scanned, but not formed into pdf yet. We estimate there will be two more disks.
2011.09.05. Had to do an emergency upgrade to site, as a memory/security/access fault was found in Joomla6. Now running under Joomla7. A major rework of the links in the Reference Desk was required. The work took a week. Now we are back to the ATOCI work, and the last shelf of the ICS training papers. We can still use any volunteers to build ATOCI!
2011.08.14. DVD#21 (Compilation #5) is finished! DVD#22 and DVD#23 (ICS archive) are also finished, and available for order! Again, all content on these is also available for free on the site. Enjoy!
2011.07.19. Librum #23, ICS (International Correspondence School) Training Papers Disk #5
2011.07.19. Librum #22, ICS (International Correspondence School) Training Papers Disk #4
2011.07.18. Present project is DVD #23. ICS TP Disk #5.
2011.06.27. Starting up!
   Starting this FaceBook page as a mini-blog to document our workings.
   Now breaking out the original 'Majere's Movements' into separate works and preparing to post them online. Titles are:
   Mechanical Appliances: Mechanical Movements and Novelties of Construction. 1904. (originally titled: 970)
   Mechanical Movements: Powers and Devices. 1912. (originally titled 1800).
   Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements. 1893. (originally titled: 507)
   Inventors Universal Educator. 1919.
   A Manual of Mechanical Movements. 1943.

Domestic Jobbing (Hawsluck) 1907 added. Electric Bells (Hasluck) 1908 added. Iron, Steel, and Fireproof Construction (Hasluck) 1906 added. Lenz's Explosives and Bomb Disposal Guide 1906 added. Practical Pattern Making (Hasluck) 1905 added.

A sharp eyed Patron pointed out a typo in the code of the Research Desk. Fixed. Thank you!

Disk #31 Modern Shop Practice finished. All MSP check-out copies upgraded to V12. All registered copies are unlocked PDF.
FFIWICGMYAWR (Foxfire: I Wish I Could Give My Son a Wild Racoon) added to site and disk #30A.
Works added on 2013.03.30 upgraded to V12.

Disk #30 upgraded to #30A. Foxfire II. Foxfire Christmas, Foxfire Aunt Arie, Foxfire Book of Applalachian Cookery, Foxfire Book of Toys and Games, Foxfire Sometimes a Shining Moment. All REGISTERED VERSION works (including disk) are now pure unlocked PDF, but watermarked.

Disk #14 upgraded to #14D. Foxfire I. Foxfire #01 through #12. All REGISTERED VERSION works (including disks) are now pure unlocked PDF but watermarked.

  At long last, we have found what we think will be the best solution for our ebook software issues.
  First, it was decided to make the registered (FS) editions to be secured pdf. This allows all users to use them on the most systems and devices, and the modified 'floating' format watermarking seems to give adequate protection.
  Second, the trial (check-out) editions, are also to be secured pdf, but with a different self-extracting 'exe' wrapper. This is not the same wrapper as the v10/v11, it is smaller and tighter. While the wrapper does limit use from some systems and devices, it was the best compromise. The wrapper is simply to enforce the sixty day period and to add an extra level of hassle to the pdf password crackers.
  We will convert the v10/11 to the new v12, and post the new editions as we can, and update the Reference Desk accordingly. There is no set time schedule for the 'back-step'.

[BHMH] Builders Hoisting Machinery (Hasluck). 1904.
[BIWH] Bent Iron Work (Hasluck). 1920.
[CAJH] Cabinetwork and Joinery (HASLUCK). 1900.
[CB1] Cloudburst Volume 1, 1973.
[CB2] Cloudburst Volume 2, 1976.
[CBRH] Cycle Building and Repairing (Hasluck). 1900.
[EH] Electroplating (Hasluck). 1905.
[SCH] Sanitary Construction in Building (Hasluck). 1921.
[TBOPH] The Book Of Photography (Hasluck). 1907.

For the V10/11 editions, there may be a 'ghost' or 'read more' pop-displaying. If it is annoying and a Patron wishes to remove it:
1) Quit your internet browser
2) Launch Adobe Reader
3) Choose Edit>Preferences
4) Click on the Internet category on the left
5) Deselect 'Display in Read Mode by default'
6) click the OK button
7) Relaunch your Adobe Reader.

More additions and revisions to ICSArchive. The TP section html is being revised to a simple link to drop into the directory, the file names are being revised to simplify researches, and the remainder of the page given over to notes for the researching Patrons.

New additions to the ICS Archive:
ICS TP 5654j: Plastics, Part J. 1945 (Metal Powders, Estimating and Choice, Trade-Name Directory),
ICS TP 5657a: Basic Organic Chemistry. Part A. 1945.
ICS TP 5657b: Basic Organic Chemistry. Part B. 1945.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part A. 1922.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part B. 1922.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part C. 1922.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part D. 1922.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part E. 1922.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part F. 1922.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part G. 1922.
ICS TP 1988aMaking of an Executive, Part H. 1922.
ICS: Shop and Foundry. I.
ICS: Shop and Foundry. II.
ICS: Shop and Foundry. III.
ICS: Shop and Foundry. IV.

Thanks to the copyright holder, GWBOE and PMJB1 have been added to the Card Catalog, and the Research Desk, for our 'bomb squad' Patron's use. No ebooks. Maybe more to come.

     A new ebook software has been selected. It is a temporary compromise as we research other options.
      Patrons will note a change from ebooks marked with the version numbers of eight and nine, to version numbers ten and eleven.
     The software is a 'pdf-to-exe wrapper' system. It will run on any Windows 2000 and up, and on MACs running most PC emulators. Patrons will need the Windows Adobe PDF reader software to be installed on the Patrons system.
     Our hope is to find a version that will run on tablet devices. Thus far we have not found a DRM that will work for our needs, but the search continues.
     New works under the new software and conversions will be marked in the Reference desk entries with the icon.
     Amendment: 2013.03.01. We are redoing the new works to make ensure the text search engine in each ebook is fully operational.

A new information page has been added, the HASLUCK page.

Due to a flaw in our ebook software, and the fact that it is no longer supported, we are looking at alternatives. There is an upgrade, but testing reveals the same fault, and it does not support 'tablet' devices. Plus there is a cost issue, the upgrade is over a thousand dollars. Thus far we have found four software systems that support a 'check out period', but none support MAC, or tablet systems. The research continues, and we will report what we find, and how it may affect our Patrons.

PDWH Practical Draughtsmens Work, (Hasluck) 1902

TPWH Tin Plate Work (Hasluck) 1907.

Added a moderated guest book, by request. It is a moderated one, and we hope it will be adequate against spam.

[LIMF] Lessons in Modern Farming,
[ASFHB] Audels Ship Fitters Handy Book,
[FFBOTAG] FoxFire Book of Toys and Games,
[FFBOAC] FoxFire Book of Appalachian Cooking,
[MSP1] Modern Shop Practice Vol 1),
[MSP2] Vol 2,
[MSP3] Vol 3
DVD#29 (Comp7) and DVD#30 (FoxFire II) started.

Negotiations for 'FoxFire Book of Wood Stove Cookery', and 'Foxfire Book of Winemaking' have broken down.

We no longer do fiche or microfilm. Equipment for sale.

LIMF: Lessons in Modern Farming, 1851.
ASFHB: Audel's Ship Fitters Handy Book, 1940.

At long last the Research Desk file renaming work is finished.

The ICSArchive disk production has been discontinued.

Moved to the new webspace.
The NEW Research Desk is operational. (Loud Cheering!)
Goodbye Joomla!
We are awaiting (still) for PayPal to convert us from standard to 'Micropayment' accounting.
Under standard PayPal, a transaction costs $0.30US plus 2.9%. Under Micropayment it is $0.05US plus 5%.
Needless to say, we do not want to charge $0.30US per page.
Price is to be set at $0.07 per page, as PayPal will take $0.06 per,so we get a penny for the first page, and if the patron selects more than one into a download, +0.07 per after the first.
Beat that at the copier at your library!

The ICS Archive has been moved to it's own webspace with URL. ICSArchive.org.

Preparation to move Librum.us to it's new webspace is almost complete.
The 'holdup' is the NEW Research Desk.

DVD#25 upgraded to DVD#25a
DVD#26, Comp 6, (incomplete) added to Disk Store.

[FFAA] Foxfire Aunt Arie.
[FFC] Foxfire Christmas. 1994.
[AMB] American Medical Botany. 1817.

DVD14b updated to DVD14c.

DVD16b (ICS Reference Disk I)

[TMSH] Toy Making in School and Home, 1916
[TTDAC] Toys: Their Design and Construction. 1891.
[WCM1] Woodstock Craftsmans Manual Volume I.
[WCM2] Woodstock Craftsmans Manual Volume II.
[WJHBH] Watch Jobbers Handy Book (Hasluck). 1889.

DVD#16, ICS Reference I, updated to DVD#16b.

A display/cosmetic bug was found in Disk #1. Rebuilt.
Reminder: We do not print any books.

The combined ATOCI for the Foxfire set is complete and in the Card Catalog, and Reference Desk.
The Foxfire disk 14a upgraded to 14b.

The TMEN (The Mother Earth News) issue index is now under the Card Catalog.
This will not appear in the Reference or Research Desks as we do not host them.
A direct link to the TMEN is here.

By request of some of our 'bomb squad' friends, the Kurt Saxon's Poor Mans James Bond I, and Kurt Saxon's Grandads Wonderful Book of Electricity has been added to the Card Catalog.
These will not appear in the Reference or Research Desks as we do not host them.
A direct link to the PMJB1 is here.
A direct link to the GWBOE is here.

Permission to build the FoxFire #12 granted! Work started.
Negotiations still underway for:
   A Foxfire Christmas. (update: granted)
   Aunt Arie: A Foxfire Portrait.
   Foxfire's Book of Wood Stove Cookery.
   Foxfire, 25 Years.
   Memories of a Mountain Shortline.
   Moments, The Foxfire Experiance
   Teaching by Heart: The Foxfire Interviews.
   The Foxfire 40th Anniversary Book.
   The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book.
   The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery. (update: granted)
   The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Toys & Games.
   The Foxfire Book of Wine Making.

In reference to the ATI archives (AT Microfiche Reference Library) which are much requested, the decision has been made to not place them online here. They have been donated to the CD3WD online archive at here.

RD4, Reference Desk Version 4 activated as primary Reference Desk.

New search engine which is no longer dependent on the Joomla installed. Much faster, and more accessible to all Patrons.
Site Brochure, Memorial Plaque, Reference Desk, Links, ICS Archive, and Disk Store moved outside of Joomla.
Research Desk to remain inside Joomla. The Research Desk software, jDownloads, is Joomla dependent

Old style disk labels discontinued in favor of a new generic layout. The generic allows the use of printface, lightscribe, and traditional paper and vinyl labels.

Major carnage with the web host. Much content lost. Several days downtime.

A policy change due to recent abuses: no new user Reference Desk Points. Before a new registration was granted Reference Desk Points without ever having to verify the account by responding to the registration email. One created over 200 bogus accounts to download all the pages of one work. It would have been much cheaper to simply pay $5 for a download.

RD linkage work complete.

The Downloads directory realignments and repairs complete. The RD linkage repairs start.

A memory issue, with Joomla versions 1.6.1 through 1.6.6, has forced an emergency upgrade to a beta version of 1.7. This has damaged the Reference Desk system linkages again, the stored User Points, Banners, etc. Repairs underway.

Migrated to Joomla 1.6, at long last.
The downloads directory's got scrambled. Repairs underway. For now most are public download. File Store updated with [1800][507][970][AMOM][HOWP] [IUE][MMM][PU][SPB][THC]. Disk Store updated, Complete through DVD 23.

jDownloads now available for 1.6/1.7. Also Alpha User Points with is used for the Research Desk points system also updated. (major budget hit!). Work starts again. ATOCI direct free-page links will not be salvaged if an ATOCI exists, as it is simply too many man-hours.

Build on thumb drive for Joomla 1.6 restarted on 2011.04.16.