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Welcome to a very special private library 'out reach' program of the Majere Library.

The Majere library is hosted in the Librum of Amana University.

A Librum is a community center of an Old Order Mennonite enclave or community.

Amana are the skilled tradesmen of the Old Order Mennonites.

Amana University provides educational resources via correspondence to these tradesmen.

The library was formed by the donation of a twenty three thousand work private library of a retired Gnostic elder who had some very 'pro' Amana and trades leanings.

A Gnostic is another type of Old Order Mennonite. Normally Old Order Mennonites do not progress past grade eight. Those that must in order to fulfill their role in a enclave or community are the Gnostics.

While Amana University is primarily correspondence, we do have a small campus and host several special classes a year. During these, journeymen gather to 'read' under a Master craftsman. One of our specialties is book restoration.

The book restoration students have a 'class project', i.e. a restoration, selected from the library. These electronic restorations are what make up the site content.

A photograph of the actual library.

Some notes of General Interest, and FAQ.

Brochure.You are reading the brochure.
Memorial Plaque.A simple memorial plaque dedicated to the elder who's donation founded this site.
Reference Desk. This is the starting point for most of our 'browsing' Patrons. Here the works are listed, links to download 'stack/demo' (limited use, 'exe wrap' ebooks, but free) editions are listed, links to download 'File Store' (full unlimited, normally $5 per work.) editions are listed, links to directly view the ATOCI of the works that have ATOCI, and other related information may also be present.
Research Desk To Be Discontinued due to lack of use.
Accessible from the Reference Desk is the Research Desk. Here the Patron may directly request copies of PAGES from within the works for a small fee per page. The Research Desk service allows a Patron to individually select what pages are desired, normally after consulting the Card Catalog. After selection, the Patron is prompted for payment via PayPal. Upon completion of payment, the zipped up selected pages are downloaded.
Reference Desk Card Catalog.This is the starting point for most of our 'researching' Patrons. But unlike a standard card catalog, this one includes the ATOCI. (ASCII Table of Contents and Indexes). This resource is free.
LinksSelected external internet links and resources.
ASC/ISCThis is the definitive collection of the International Correspondence School and the American School of Correspondence. We hold most of the ICS rights, and are the largest repository of these excellent correspondence materials, on a wide range of subjects. The normal format is FREE PDF. The collection has been migrated to it's own domain,
Disk Store.Patrons may purchase CD/DVD/Blu-Ray compilations of unrestricted works. The disks may be 'custom', or 'grabbag'. See pricing on the page. These are intended for two types of Patrons; those with slow connection (dialup) and do not want to download the ebooks, and those who want a permanent disk for their own libraries.
Paperback Shelf.This is a repository of various free works, in various formats, from various sources (to include the Librum). Recommendations are welcome. This collection has been migrated to
Book Stacks.Free 'checkout' (sixty day limitation ebook) editions of our restored works. Phased into the Reference Desk.
Download Store.Purchase-able unlimited editions of our restored works in an ebook format. Phased into the Reference Desk.
Conference rooms.Discontinued due to spam abuses and lack of use.
Book Request Desk.Usable/seeable only by Staff, as usage can be costly, a type of inner-library loan request system portal.

Much of the Librum's content come from a time where lawsuits were uncommon, and tort suits almost unheard of.

For this reason authors would blithely recommend everything from doubtful medical treatments to lethal chemical combination's.

But at the same time these books contain a wealth of practical knowledge very applicable to today.

BUT, we recommend that any researcher consult other references.

We hope you join us and that your stay is pleasant,

The Librarian.